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Portfolio - Web sites designed, developed or maintained by Odyssey

The following web sites are part of our portfolio of clients that we are proud to do business with. Each web site is unique and reflects the individual needs and qualities apparent by the company or individual owner.

In each site we have done our best to adhere to the principles of good clear communication, strong product identification and company representation coupled with a logical, clear navigation flow. This policy insures that each visitor to these web sites can easily follow the structure and receive the message without getting lost in the design.

With each of our projects we do our best to achieve the highest quality possible while maintaining a strict budget and schedule.

Our Blog - Of Science, Art and
                                Society The blog Of Science, Art and Society. Using WordPress as the medium of delivery. We developed our own logo to match the overall message of the blog. The purpose of this blog is to explore the spectrum of interaction between art and science and how these two ways of approaching the truth relate to each other both socially and culturally. We believe that the best art and science uses approaches from both ways of observing the world and that this is well worth the time to study and discuss.
More Information!Click here to view the entire web site.
Wood Ring Guitars
Wood Ring Guitars. Using Joomla as the medium of delivery, we designed a web site that the owner can edit on their own, or continue to use our services.  Odyssey developed a logo to match the overall message of this unique web site. The scrolling photos at the top of the page showcase the craftsmanship of the luthier, Aaron Ringo. In addition, all of the gallery  photography done on the web site is credited to Odyssey Consulting.  Some of the photos are panoramas which enable a visitor to view the details of the stunning guitars.  The web displays well on mobile devices, as well as in a variety of browsers. 
More Information!Click here to view the entire web site.

Casey Equipment
Casey Equipment Ltd. Elegance and simplicity are the hallmarks of a great site, along with an easy navigation structure.  This web site utilizes those features, combined with a color theme that sets off the logo and company theme.   The customer specified that we use an image consistent with their product as a background to each page. Odyssey also supplied the map graphic on the locations page.
More Information!Click here to view the entire web site.
Richardson High
Richardson High School Class of 1969. The administration of this web site was done free of charge to support the alumni.  Odyssey customized the main header graphic, edited various graphics and photos and assisted with updating the class database.  The Class Creator engine makes it easy to update the content and set up reunions and planning.
More Information!Click here to view the entire web site.
Carol Garrett Decorative Artist

Carol Garrett, awarding winning decorative painter, has been creating unique works of art for more than 15 years. Her unique style reflects her love of the outdoors, wildlife and the simple country life. She has refinished antique furniture with original paintings, created beautiful murals, and outstanding works of photography. Visit her web site to see her unique gift selection!

More Information!Click here to view the entire web site.


RBR Home Page

Example of Project Showcase
RBR Construction is a commercial building contractor located in Weatherford, Texas.  Odyssey added flash content for the RBR project showcase area and a series animated headers using their existing logo. Each major section of the web site now utilizes a unique header. Recently Odyssey has added a series of outstanding virtual tours to the web site! Odyssey also added links to remote web cams which enable their clients to view projects while under construction. The web site also has an updated pull-down menu structure which makes it easy to navigate. Odyssey has been maintaining and updating the site for over 8 years working closely with RBR personnel for improvements and updates.

More Information! Click here to view the entire web site.

Kevin M. Kerr, P.C. Attorney at Law, provides legal services to help clients achieve their goals. The web site is updated from time to time to add published articles.  

Mr. Kerr has more than 30 years of experience in representing clients. 

More Information! Click here to view the entire web site.

Personal Art - Portraits
Here are a few examples of personal art pieces. Click on any image to view it full size.  Number 1 is a pencil sketch of Albert Einstein from a black and white photo.  Number 2 is Camillo Golgi, a stipple (dots) done in black ink. Number 3 is of Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of modern karate. It is also a pencil sketch.

Portraits by Sandra Ringo


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