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Software Development Experience

Odyssey Consulting also develops software. Much of the software we now write is either specialized custom applications that cannot be purchased, the customization of off-the-shelf software that has a programming interface, software that we are developing to sell, or software that we use to enhance or do specialized tasks for a website or for the internet in general.

We have developed and maintained many software applications. These were mostly for PCs, for PC networks, and for the Internet. Many of these applications were technical or graphical in nature, but we also have a large amount of experience in very sophisticated database applications, for instance in engineering document management systems and business process management systems. We are also experienced in computer security issues and have implemented security measures for both software development and websites. We have also done computer security consulting and auditing.  

In addition, we have set up and managed several Windows NT and Windows 2000 server systems and networks as well as various kinds of related systems software. We have managed the software design and development team for two of our clients, and completed several major internal projects for them, while serving in this role. We also managed the development, and implementation of three commercial software packages. One for Ameri-CAD, Inc. who is one of our customers, one for Odyssey (which we sold for several years), and one with Wallace Distributing Co. Inc., which is currently on the market. Over the years we have developed many complex and unique mathematical and computing algorithms, and written a myriad of high quality software user manuals and help systems. We have a reputation for excellence both in the work we do and in our commitment to good consistent communication with our clients. We also have a very valued reputation for fairness and honesty in all of our endeavors.

We have done many custom software projects for many different clients over the years. The following list is a summary of some of the major software projects we are proud to have produced for our clients. We have written software in many development languages and used many tools and systems over the years as well. Thus, at the top we have included some of the more pertinent tools and languages that we currently use.

Languages: .NET, C++, C#, C, Visual Basic, VBA, Java, LISP, AutoLisp, Object ARX (AutoCAD) HTML, XML, Java Script, PHP, ASP, Perl, Flash

Databases: Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC

Customized Applications through Automation using VBA: Excel, Word, AutoCAD


AEC Projects

Look for a timely information link!Commercial Housing Building Information Modeling Project - Worked with Ameri-CAD Inc.of Plano, TX and their in-house development team, to do the requirements development, software design, software development and testing to create the initial release of VisionREZ which is a commercial computer program sold by Ameri-CAD Inc. This program was written to work with Autodesk Architectural Desktop to efficiently draw and manage architectural house plans and residential building information models. This product greatly accelerates the creation and verification of construction documents for residential and light commercial applications. This program builds upon the ability of Architectural Desktop to allow the user to draw in the familiar 2D plan view while simultaneously creating a 3D model thus giving the user the many benefits of a fully functional 3D Building Information Model. Odyssey also developed the primary set of "intelligent" content drawing software including many of the specialized algorithms that control the automatic placement and movement behavior of this "intelligent" content. This "intelligent" content is one of the key components of the VisionREZ system. The idea for the "intelligent" content was concieved by Darwin Belt who is Ameri-CAD's president and chief architect. Odyssey worked with Mr. Belt to help turn this unique timesaving idea into reality. Odyssey was also instrumental in building the internal team and infrastructure at Ameri-CAD that now continues to develop, maintain and support the VisionREZ product.

IP FrameMaster – This software development job was done for International Paper's Wood Products Division who is the second largest producer of softwood lumber in North America. The job was obtained by Ameri-CAD Inc. with the help of Odyssey's consulting and software development services. Odyssey managed the software development team for this project, performed the requirements analysis, and co-designed the program with Ameri-CAD and International Paper personnel. Odyssey also designed and programmed the user interface and did the database design and programming. The completed program allowed International Paper's Engineered Wood Product clients to automate the process of producing engineered wood framing layout documents. The International Paper Engineered Wood Catalog of products and both the Simpson Strong-Tie and USP Lumber Connector Catalogs of hanger products were integrated into the system using a sophisticated Access database interface.

DBCI Self Storage Unit Layout and Bill of Materials Software – This program was developed for DBCI who is a leading manufacturer of steel curtain roll-up doors and components for the self-storage and commercial door markets. It allowed the DBCI estimators to either quickly layout a Self Storage facility to be built as a new structure or for retrofitting an existing structure to be used as a self storage facility. Odyssey worked closely with Ameri-CAD management and sales to obtain this project for them. Odyssey managed this project for Ameri-CAD and was key to every aspect of this project including developing the specifications and requirements, managing the software design team, estimating the job, interviewing and hiring programmers for Ameri-CAD to speed up the development process, managing the software development team, performing some of the software development including the database design and programming, and the Crystal Reports programming required to produce the various reports, designing and managing the testing and quality control process, managing the alpha and beta testing program for this project, keeping Ameri-CAD management and DBCI management informed as to the progress of the project on a weekly basis and delivering the finished project and documentation on time and within budget.

Chemical Engineering Software Modeling Projects

Developed and maintained several simulation programs to help chemical engineers and technicians design chemical processing equipment that would safely and reliably make a given chemical product. In this realm, we wrote and maintained several programs that assisted in the design of fractionation equipment (for Glitsch Inc.) and refineries (for Ford, Bacon, and Davis ). We also wrote programs that helped produce technical chemical engineering documents and drawings including Piping and Instrument Diagrams (for Ford, Bacon, and Davis and for Oryx Oil and Gas.)

Geographic Information, Automated Mapping, and Facilities Management System Projects

Circle Tangent - Federalized oil and gas unitization program written for Sun Oil and Gas Exploration Co.  Used spatial analysis techniques to analyze complex oil or gas well drilling scenarios for federalized drilling units.  Allowed company to weigh the risks of drilling versus the probability of financial gain.

Lease Map - Oil and gas lease digitizing, mapping, and analysis program written for Oryx Oil and Gas Exploration Co.

Map Station - Customer Geographic Information System written for Sun Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.  Gave technicians the ability to digitize or import base map data, and well, seismic, and lease data.  The data could then be analyzed by geologists and geophysicists in a variety of ways and presented in either map or report form.

Gas Distribution Facilities Automated Mapping System - Odyssey worked with the Distribution Division of Lone Star Gas initially to help them with software development they were doing to computerize and automate their map creation and data collection activities. Ultimately Odyssey ended up helping Lone Star build a software development team and we managed this team to develop a comprehensive Geographic Information System based on AutoCAD Map as part of the computerization of their management of their distribution gas facilities and assets. - In 1997 Lone Star Gas was purchased by TXU and Odyssey's role changed to helping evaluate what it would take to move all of the data that had been collected using the GIS system that we had built over the previous 3 years over to the GIS system that TXU used. We assisted in planning and coordinating how this would be done until the end of 1997.

MapCheck - A quality control program that we managed the development for at Lone Star Gas in Dallas, TX. This software was able to analyze all of the digitized and user input map data, compare it to a set of quality control specifications and detect inconsistencies and problems in the massive database. Depending on the complexity of the problem found, MapCheck could either automatically correct it, identify the problem and assist the user in fixing it, or identify the problem and the user had to decide how to resolve the problem without assistance from the program.

Condor Mapping Utilities – produced for AutoCAD versions 10, 11, 12, and 13. This was a commercial software package that Odyssey developed and sold which was a suite of utilities designed to assist the user in digitizing maps using AutoCAD. The utilities were designed to enhance the speed, and accuracy with which various types of maps could be digitized. This software package was popular with various cities, govenrnmental agencies, and mapping service organizations throughout North America.

FACIL - Facilities drawing management software written for Arco Oil Co. in Plano.

Engineering Document Management & Business and Manfacturing Process Control Projects

Aircraft Parts and Assembly Engineering Document Management System - a comprehensive custom document management system for Keith Products who is an aircraft cooling and heating manufacturer. It was accomplished by customizing AutoManager Workflow, and integrating it to work with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and AutoVue. This system was designed and tailored for the unique and effective workflow processes in use at Keith Products and is used extensively by their engineers, quality control, CAD operators, sales, and management and has been in successful operation for well over 10 years.

Look for a timely information link! See the Keith Products website (www.keithproducts.com) and look under the CAPABILITIES -> ENGINEERING menu item for a description of their use of this system.

Aircraft Parts and Assembly QA Inspector - automates the Quality Assurance record keeping to completely computerize their part and assembly quality assurance process to make it totally paperless. This includes support for collecting and storing data needed to reproduce FAA required Air Worthiness QA reports including the 8130, KP124, and 8100-1 forms . The program uses Microsoft SQL server for the records keeping, supports the reading bar codes for part number identification, and included the integrating of a centralized Epson GT-30000 Color Scanner for scanning and storage of scanned document capabilities.

Look for a timely information link! See the Keith Products website (www.keithproducts.com) and look under the CAPABILITIES -> QUALITY menu item for a description of their use of this system.

JAS – Job Administration System – This custom program, written using Microsoft Access, was used for many years by Ameri-CAD Inc., an Architectural Drawing and Services company. The program allowed them to track the status of their projects and jobs. The input was modeled after a system done by hand by the CEO of Ameri-CAD. After this unique homegrown system that had served them well was computerized, It gave them the ability to instantly track job status and productivity and produced several kinds of reports that allowed the CEO to track the pulse of the work being done at the company over time. It also allowed Ameri-CAD to serve their customers better by allowing Ameri-CAD to keep the customer informed as to the status and progress of their project out of the hundreds of jobs that Ameri-CAD performed yearly for numerous customers.

Vending and Amusement Industry

E-TOKEN – This is a Secure Stored Value Cashless System for use in Vending or Arcade Games. It includes a commercial software package which configures and manages an associated secure cashless module that is part of the E-Token system and which is installed on vending or amusement game machines in arcades and other types of locations. This system eliminates the need for dollar bill changers or coins and ticket dispensers in individual game machines. Credits are stored on E-Token buttons and can be transferred between machines. No networking is required with the system. The electronics component is manufactured by Wallace Distributing Co, who also sells and installs the system. Odyssey Consulting provides technical support and updates for the software. Odyssey also consults with Wallace regarding the design and marketing of the product.

Look for a timely information link! See http://www.wdcetoken.com for more information.



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