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Odyssey has over 20 years of experience in professional software development. Odyssey have over 8 years of experience in web site design and development, although we were working with the newly emerging technology of hypertext, which was the precursor to web browsers, as early as 1988.

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Get the details! For more details concerning our software development and consulting experience, click here.

The roots of Odyssey Consulting Corp. began as the RIG Corporation in 1983, as a custom software development and consulting firm focusing primarily on technical and scientific programming, specializing in computer graphics. The era of main frame and super-mini computers was coming to an end and the PC revolution and widespread use of the resulting computer technology was just beginning to take place. During those early years we developed software applications for both platforms, as well as for specialized workstations. On July 1, 1986 Odyssey Consulting Corp. was founded and continued the excellent and innovative work that was started by the RIG Corporation and its founders.

We recognized the advantages that PCs would bring to our clients and we worked with several major companies to integrate the PC into some of their more innovative departments that needed specialized applications which could not easily be deployed on their super-mini or mainframe computer systems. For instance, we were one of the first developers for AutoCAD. We wrote a very sophisticated automated mapping system for Sun Exploration using dBase II for a database and AutoCAD as the graphics engine. We developed this application at a fraction of the price of what comparable systems sold for that used a super-mini computer, like a VAX, and specialized graphics workstations . Since that time computers have become well over 1000 times faster. The cost of computers has decreased just as dramatically. And even more profoundly, the exponential growth and use of the Internet has changed every aspect with regard to how computers are used and what they are used for.

Throughout this very exciting and fast changing era of information technology our knowledge and capabilities have also changed and expanded. With each new job or contract, we expanded upon the knowledge we started with. We now have extremely valuable experience in applying computer technology in very diverse businesses and organizations. Since the day we started, we have always recongized the importance of continuing to study and develop communication skills. Taking responsibility for clear and concise communication with our customers is key to our success. It is also a key component in our ability to produce a superior product.

There is one thing that has not changed though, and will never change. That is our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the outstanding service that we provide to each of our customers.

The following is a list of business types which we have successfully applied our expertise to using various applications of computer technology including software development, web site development, system administration, systems analysis, security enhancement, and technical consulting.

  • General Contracting
  • Architectural Design, Plan Production, and CAD
  • Fractionation Equipment Design and Engineering
  • Piping and Piping Fixture Design and Layout
  • Specialized Computer Aided Design Applications
  • Aircraft Parts Manufacturing
  • Engineered Wood Manufacturing
  • Fractionation Equipment Manufacturing
  • Self-Storage Unit Manufacturing
Oil and Gas
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Oil and Gas Production
Real Estate
  • Real Estate Marketing and Sales
  • Attorney at Law
  • Service Organizations
  • Gas Utility Facilities Management
  • Electric Utility Facilities Management
Vending and Amusement Industry
  • Vending and Amusement Machine Data Collection and Analysis

Odyssey Consulting Corporation
113 Overton Ridge Circle
Weatherford, Texas 76088
Voice 817.594.3516 Fax 817.594.2710


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