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What's with the birds?
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Icon Key:
Informative & timely! Educational benefits You'll find these entertaining! Look here to help you analyize facts to make decisions!


Icon Key

We use a set of icons within this web site to assist you in navigating throughout the pages. We use four icon symbols on this web site. These icons are in four categories, To Inform, To Educate, To Entertain and To Convince. The icons are placed near hyperlinks or within articles and are used used to indicate what type of link or subject matter you can expect to find there.

To Inform:
For items that provide additional information or news you can expect to see this icon, the crowing rooster. We selected this proud, and what appears to be a loud rooster to symbolize an announcement or news. Think of this symbol as you would an alarm clock, to remind you to pay attention, there is additional information here or a timely announcement. To make any web site effective it must be a timely and newsworthy as possible. What better reason to return to a web site than to know that it will contain the latest in news and information there?

To Educate:
For items that provide an educational benefit you can expect to see this icon, the wise owl. This particular example is a species of Eagle Owl, Eurasian, Bubo bubo, found in Europe and Asia, also known as a Great Horned Owl. If you see this icon within our web site it will be located next to hyperlinks or articles that offer an educational focus and value. Why not consider adding an educational quality to a web site? It is a great idea! The internet's growth was spawned by those willing to share experience and knowledge with others searching for better answers to the questions of the day. We feel the importance of this continued effort to increase the share of knowledge when possible. Our educational topics will be well thought out and researched for authenticity and factual quality.

To Entertain:
For items that provide an entertainment quality you can expect to see this icon, the macaw. This blue and yellow macaw has the perfect stance and attitude to reflect entertainment! Wouldn't it be nice if you could not tell the difference between work and play? When looking forward to the next project would be more like taking on a new adventure or vacation? In our work, we take that maxim to heart. We strive to make our content and design just as entertaining as it is valuable. So whenever you see this bird, you may expect something that will put a smile on your face, start your foot tapping the floor, or maybe a bit of an adrenalin rush. You should expect the unexpected as a surprise may follow the next click of the mouse! This icon will let you know there is more than bland substance to follow, but some spice and a bit of icing on the cake as well!

To Convince:
For items that are more persuasive and detailed you can expect to see this icon, the eagle. In the United States, the bald eagle is our national symbol of pride, passion, dedication and strength. We felt this bird was the perfect symbol of persuasion. To convince anyone takes a belief in yourself, your product and your ideals. Of course, just a simple analysis of the facts does not always convince, but may lay the foundation for a greater understanding which will convince. Look for this symbol in special places, for a greater analysis and a deeper understanding.


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