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Odyssey's Software Development and Consulting Services

Odyssey began as a software development and consulting company over 20 years ago. Throughout that time, we have been leaders in helping companies and organizations to successfully adapt and use computer technology in many different ways through our software development and consulting services.

We have witnessed and adapted to many changes in computer technology since we started Odyssey. We accept rapid change as a way of life in our business. Through many years of experience we have mastered the art of managing change such that it results in continuous and never ending improvement. This viewpoint allows us to embrace change because successful adaptation of the right kinds of change are the key to gaining and keeping the competitive edge its successful application gives us and our customers.

We were early adapters of various technologies that at the time were new and specialized and now are commonplace and in some cases already obsolete. We were leaders in implementing new coding techniques as they evolved because they helped us manage the ever increasing complexity of the programs that are required, thus keeping the cost of development and maintenance down while increasing the quality and performance of the software. Major developments that we adapted early on include structured programming, data driven software, and object oriented software development.

Before CAD and other graphics programs became common place, we developed specialized programs for graphics workstations (like Tektronix) to display complex scientific data and relationships. We were one of the first companies to use CAD (AutoCAD) as a graphics engine for displaying data graphically. Because of the work that we did prior to the development of affordable CAD programs, we found that we had a much deeper understanding of what could be done and how it worked internally. This gave us insight that was invaluable in developing very innovative applications for AutoCAD for many years. This trait became a policy at Odyssey and we always seek to understand the essential underlying technology of any tool, technique, or algorithm we use because it results in our confidence in being able to create the best solutions and products possible for our customers.

In the early to mid 1990's when it became apparent that the Internet was going to become such an integral part of software development and would revolutionize the way people, companies, organizations, and governments would use computers, we started preparing to take our company and our customers into the Internet age.

We view the Internet which includes web site technology as another very important aspect of the ever evolving computer technology and the software development process. The proliferation of the Internet is a major milestone which has vastly improved our ability to bring amazing and useful tools to more people, organizations and companies than was ever thought possible even in the early 1990's.

Of course Internet technology is changing at an unbelievable pace, and the amount of information that is available on the internet is of gargantuan proportions. There is a lot of room for improvement in all areas of computer technology that deal with the internet. We are especially interested in working with and developing software technology that helps organize the extremely large amount of information that is available on the internet to find answers you are looking for and to keep people informed about certain types of information that are vital to either their personal or business endeavors. Thus, we are continually working on ways to more easily help people find the needle in the haystack, but with the added features of being able to categorize the haystacks and needles, and to inform them promptly when either an important haystack has changed or a needle has been moved!

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Odyssey Consulting Corporation
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