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Odyssey's Web Site Design and Development Services

We are graphic artists and web site designers and developers. We have done web design and development for over 9 years and have had well over 20 years of experience in the graphics arts, using both traditional media and many different computerized graphics technologies.  We specialize in combining innovative graphics and multi-media technologies with masterfully crafted content to produce websites and other internet based technologies that accomplish five major goals:  To inform, to educate, to explore, to entertain, and to convince.

We provide all the services needed for seamless web site development including graphic arts design and creation, content copy writing, website design and development, search engine optimization, web site competition and market analysis, and web site maintenance.  We work with both Windows based and Unix based internet servers.  We can also recommend a reliable and proven, low cost internet service provider to host your website based on your requirements.

We work hard to clearly communicate and understand what you want to accomplish with your website.  By applying our unique gifts in the fields of art, science, communication, business and technology, we can help you exceed your goals.

We have many years of quality experience in applying the fast changing world of computer technology to help people and companies solve a great variety of technical problems and achieve challenging and lofty goals.  Our talents and craftsmanship combined with our passion for helping others accomplish their goals, and promote their businesses, organizations, and causes has given us the invaluable abilities of quick comprehension, adaptability, and innovation.   We have developed proven communication strategies to determine what you want and need. We can translate your wants and needs into a website that uniquely represents you, your ideas, your products and services with the ultimate goal of producing the results you want.

Get the details on Website Development Experience and Our PortfolioFor detailed information on our Web Site Design and Development and Graphics Arts experience, go to our Website Development Experience page as well as our Portfolio page.


Odyssey Consulting Corporation
113 Overton Ridge Circle
Weatherford, Texas 76088
Voice 817.594.3516 Fax 817.594.2710


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